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Classical Music Radio Syndication Service

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for local origination

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ralan@bellair .net
Classical Radio Series:
Popular classical music, orchestral and chamber music hours via DROPBOX e-mail zip files. Programming heard for many years on stations from Cape Cod to the Kona coast and other worldwide outlets. The series is available for local origination unlimited broadcasting. For more information contact us.
ralan@bellair .net

Music is delivered by zip files and via DROPBOX...

AND stations are permitted to maintain a library of the series for local originated unlimited continued broadcasting. Available in hour format and wildtrack format. Broadcasting stations must have agreements with ASCAP and BMI. Every effort is made to avoid repeats of selections. Titles may be repeated by different artists, selections may be repeated on theme or artist profile programs. Audio files are MP3 format and may be used as often as broadcaster wishes. The programming may be edited and used as desired. Liners, promos and station ids included. Station provided sponsor copy can be prepared for your client at small additional fee.
For more information contact us.
ralan@bellair .net

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